active tissue release

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A precise and targeted movement-based remedial massage technique, active tissue release is extremely effective, providing fast relief from pain and a rapid return to normal muscle function and range of movement.  

The therapy targets the body’s muscle tension feedback system, using it to trigger the muscles to relax. As the system is most sensitive to tension during movement, the practitioner accurately pinpoints restrictions in your muscles and then directs you to make small movements of the muscle. The tension created during the action helps to break up restrictions. 

As with other forms of remedial massage, active tissue release therapy can vary from very light to very heavy and is adjusted to suit individual client needs. The therapy is incorporated into a massage that includes techniques to promote relaxation and to revive the body, and essential oils are used to enhance the experience. While sometimes likened to Trigger Point Therapy, it is a more flowing and relaxing treatment.

A key benefit of active tissue release massage is that it provides improved awareness of your muscles, assisting you to make proactive changes in daily activities to help reduce muscle pain. Conditions that may benefit from the therapy include tendonitis, shin splints, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches and sciata.


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