myofascial cupping

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At Embody Health, we are focused on results and, by combining myofascial cupping with our massage therapy, we can maximise the benefits of your treatment.

The myofascial cupping technique focuses on the fascia – the spider web-like soft tissue component of the connective tissue system that covers the entire body, wrapping around muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, organs, nerves and blood vessels.

When injured or overused through poor postural habits, repetitive strains etc, adhesions can form in this network of soft tissue, causing it to lose its flexibility and ‘bundle up’, becoming tight and restrictive.

Myofascial cupping helps to lift and separate the fascia, reducing adhesions and helping to boost hydration, leading to benefits such as:

  • assisting the body in maintaining Range Of Motion in joints
  • eliminating Myofascial Trigger Points and reducing pain linked to fascial adhesions
  • reduce inflammation
  • reducing the incidence of injury;
  • and maintaining functional soft tissue. 

What does myofascial cupping involve?

Plastic cups and vacuum suction are used in myofascial cupping to lift the skin inside the cups. The cups are placed on areas of the body that your therapist has identified as being able to benefit from the treatment. The cups do not cause pain, however, bruising may occur as the therapy helps to bring nutrient-rich blood to the injured area.

At Embody Health, myofascial cupping forms part of our remedial massage treatments, to ensure you get superior results from your visit.


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