hot + cold stone massage

60 MINUTES from $115 • 90 MINUTES from $175

LaStone therapy is the application of geo-thermotherapy, using deep penetrating heated stones alternating with chilled stones to bring about chemical release within the body’s systems.

LaStone works on every level, body, mind and spirit to create perfect balance.

This treatment is essentially a massage using heated and cooled stones.  The stones are placed on and under the body and contrasting temperature is experienced throughout the entire treatment.

One stroke of the skin with a hot stone is equal to ten strokes with a hand alone. The incredible warming effects of the hot stone deeply penetrate tired and aching muscles leaving you in a state of deep and warm relaxation.

This remarkable treatment is:

  • A massage and a detox treatment
  • A massage and a immune system booster
  • A massage and energy treatment
  • A massage and a reflexology treatment
  • A massage and a deep tissue healing treatment
  • A massage and a soothe your soul treatment

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