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Just like being a new mum can be challenging, it can also be tough being a dad for the first time – or again!

Being woken at night, helping soothe a distressed baby, and carrying kids are just some of the issues that can cause physical and/or mental stress.

On your own – or with baby joining you in the treatment room if you’re on minding duties – massage can be an amazing way to help cope with fatherhood.

Benefits include:

  • boosting relaxation
  • reducing stress
  •  improved sleep
  • relieving back, shoulder, neck & hip pain linked to caring for your baby promoting mental clarity; &
  • offering a short respite from the demands of parenthood

A calm parent is more likely to mean a calm baby.

*We also offer baby massage sessions where we help you and/or your partner learn the art of baby massage from one of our trained therapists.

Baby massage can help soothe your child and help foster loving connections.

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