relaxation massage

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Top athletes know that achieving peak performance means combining hard work and rest.  

In our busy modern lives, it’s a philosophy that applies to all of us, so ensuring you take time out to rest, relax and recharge is essential – and not only to performance, but also to health.

Without sufficient rest, we can suffer from exhaustion and its many side effects such as poor memory and digestion, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, common colds, and a lack of motivation.

Scheduling a regular relaxation massage is be an easy, enjoyable way to guarantee ‘time out’ for yourself and to help enhance your performance in all areas of life.

Our gentle full body massage is designed to calm the mind and release tension from your body, leaving you rejuvenated and energised. Our massage therapists use a unique combination of light non-invasive strokes, kneading, and energy work to soothe your body and create a profound state of physical and mental relaxation. 


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