oncology massage

60 MINUTES from $100 • 90 MINUTES from $150

Massage is increasingly being used by those with cancer as a gentle, safe and effective therapy helping provide some relief from some of the symptoms it can bring – as well as offering some much needed time out and nurturing during what can for some be a stressful time.

Research is continuing to highlight the power of oncology massage and it’s now recognised by leading cancer research, support and funding groups.

A 2004 study revealed these results from oncology massage:

  • pain improved 47%
  • fatigue improved 42%
  • anxiety improved 59%
  • nausea improved 51%
  • depression improved 48%
  • other (including shortness of breath, memory problems, dry mouth or disturbed sleep) improved 48%

Our trained therapists are able to work with you before, during or after cancer treatment.

They’re able to identify your specific needs to perform supportive massage through mindful touch and can work effectively with scar tissue, chemotherapy ports, post-surgery recovery and the effects of radiotherapy.


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