baby massage

60 MINUTES from $100 • 90 MINUTES $150

Mums and dads know how much joy their babies bring, especially when they’re healthy, calm and well rested and when the parent-child bond is strong.

Just like adult massage therapy, infant massage is a powerful tool.

It can help ensure your bub is at their best with research* having shown it can have the following benefits:


  • Relax - or stimulate – baby as needed

  • Promote deeper sleep

  • Reduce fussiness

  • Provide comfort & pleasure through touch

  • Exercise muscles & develop motor skills, joint flexibility & coordination

  • Improve circulation & lymph flow (increasing resistance to disease)

  • Help with colic, reflux & teething (by helping develop & regulate the gastro-intestinal tract)

  • Improved breathing


  • Boost bonding/attachment/closeness with parents

  • Boost body awareness & awareness of self as a separate being

  • Help build trust, respect & security

  • Provide a sense of well-being

It also has many benefits for mum and dad including:

  • Relaxation & reduction of anxiety

  • Providing a playtime activity

  • Teaching nurturing parenting skills

  • Boosting nurturing hormones

  • Improved sleeping

  • Increased confidence with baby

  • Listening to & understanding infant needs

At Embody, we offer 3 treatment options for parents and babies (up to 6 months old) on Monday mornings each week between 9am and 1pm.

Option #1 includes:

- 30 minute post-natal / remedial massage for mum or dad

- 30 minute baby massage education session featuring hands-on demonstration

Cost: $105

Option #2 includes:

- 60 minute baby massage education session featuring hands-on demonstration for up to 2 parents + 2 babies

Cost: $105

Option #3 includes:

- 60 minute post-natal / remedial massage for mum where baby is welcome in the treatment room and you can feed/comfort them as required.

At Embody, we’re passionate about the benefits of post-natal massage and offer this option to allow clients to enjoy these without the need to leave their baby.

Cost: $100

Please note, bookings for Baby Massage sessions and Bring Your Baby treatments must be made via phone on (08) 9380 9994.

*Learn more about infant massage research :



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