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mind+body+soul balance

28 March 2015
By embodyhealth

Embody Health founder Caroline Oakes is thrilled to announce the arrival of her signature treatment, the mind+body+soul balance.
This 90-minute session is designed to create harmony emotionally, physically and spiritually by combining her expertise as a massage therapist, kinesiologist and reiki practitioner.
The treatment focuses on uncovering the dominant stressors, emotions ......Read more>

Myofascial Cupping

3 February 2015
By embodyhealth

Myofascial Cupping has arrived at Embody Health - and it could just be the key to tackling pain and injury most effectively. 
Here's a rundown of what it involves but, of course, please feel free to call us on (08) 9380 9994 for more information.
Myofascial Cupping At Embody Health, we ......Read more>

MLD - A Surgery Aid

6 June 2014
By embodyhealth

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, a popular massage treatment to help reduce swelling from lymphoedema, is now increasingly being embraced as a pre and post-surgery tool to aid recovery.
Known commonly as MLD, this type of massage is a specialised treatment engaging light, rhythmic, precise sequences and pressure to stimulate the flow and direction of ......Read more>

Kinesiology: An Embody Health Insight

14 April 2014
By embodyhealth

What Is Kinesiology?
If you’ve ever found yourself repeating behaviours that you know don’t help you – or others – be at your best or if you sometimes forget there’s a breathtaking blue sky that lies behind the dark clouds in front of you, kinesiology is a ......Read more>

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

12 April 2014
By embodyhealth

New Treatment: MLD
We are thrilled to bring to Embody Health the in-demand treatment Manual Lymphatic Drainage or MLD, which is particularly helpful before and after surgery.
For the most part, MLD is a very light technique using rhythmical, precise hand movements while adjusting pressure and sequences to stimulate the ......Read more>

All About Cupping

21 November 2013
By embodyhealth

Our new therapist Lucinda Hensen,  who has a Bachelor of Health Science and a Diploma of Remedial Massage,  is a big believer in the benefits of cupping. Here she explains all about the technique which is used in Musculoskeletal therapy treatments.
Cupping aims to restore flexibility, movement and function to soft tissue ......Read more>

Treatment Packages Arrive at Embody!

20 November 2013
By embodyhealth

Giving a gift of health and pampering is always a great way to express gratitude, love and friendship so we’re making it easier for you to do that with our new Embody Health Packages.
We have created these special packages featuring our signature massages and the highest quality products from WA, ......Read more>

Holistic Reflexology at Embody

20 November 2013
By embodyhealth

An increased focus on holistic reflexology in Australia is likely to further boost interest in the alternative health treatment, according to Embody Health therapist Gisele Lizee.
Holisitic reflexology – which focuses on the health of the whole person, including their lifestyle, diet, personal and work life as well as their medical ......Read more>

Pain reliever: reflexology research

28 August 2013
By embodyhealth

Dealing with pain and want an alternative to painkillers or an additional approach to ease it?
A new research study carried out by the University of Portsmouth has discovered people felt about 40% less pain, and were able to stand pain for about 45% longer, when they used reflexology as a ......Read more>

New Reflexologist at Embody

1 August 2013
By embodyhealth

We are thrilled to welcome dedicated reflexologist Gisele Lizee to Embody Health.
A certified reflexologist and health coach, Gisele is now operating out of our practice on Mondays.
She specialises in reflexology for pregnancy, complementing our pregnancy massage services, to help expectant mums stay in peak health and enjoy a stress-free pregnancy.
......Read more>

Morning Energy Booster Tip

13 June 2013
By embodyhealth

Here's a great way to kickstart your day so you can embark on it with oodles of energy!
Grab a tennis ball (or any other firm ball, but we like to use the spiky massage balls we stock in reception as they better stimulate acupressure points) and place ......Read more>

New Detox Deal

16 May 2013
By embodyhealth

Short-term detoxes are a great way to help the body get back in to balance but maintaining health is easier when it's an ongoing priority in your life.
At Embody, we are big fans of the Japanese foot patches ......Read more>

Embody Easier Ageing with Massage Therapy

4 May 2013
By embodyhealth

“A massage gives you access to your inner pharmacy,” says mind-body healing pioneer Deepak Chopra in his book Grow Younger, Live Longer and, as we age, who wouldn’t want that?
With its widespread health benefits, massage therapy can be a fantastic tool to help ease ......Read more>

Raw Food Recipe #1

13 February 2013
By embodyhealth

Raw food is a phenomenon that is fast taking hold across the globe and more cafes - and health-conscious businesses like us - around Perth are now stocking yummy raw food treats.
We have just begun selling these amazing certified organic Bliss Balls for $4 each so ......Read more>

Holiday Opening Hours

11 December 2012
By embodyhealth

If you need a helping hand to kick back and relax this festive season, you have many opportunities to book a treatment with us.   We will be open across the holiday period with the ......Read more>

Festive Health Tips

11 December 2012
By embodyhealth

The festive season is upon us and, as with everything in life, our approach to this time of year can make an incredible difference in how we cope with it.
Christmas and New Year celebrations often tend to be hectic and ......Read more>

Sunday Opening: Hopes for Preventative Health

21 November 2012
By embodyhealth

West Leederville boutique pregnancy and remedial massage clinic Embody Health hopes its decision to join the Sunday trading trend will help people boost their preventative health routines.
Embody Health director and massage therapist Caroline Oakes said she was hopeful the choice to fall into line with WA’s retail industry and open ......Read more>

Organic Pregnancy Massage Launched

14 November 2012
By embodyhealth

A growing trend for women to turn towards more natural products while pregnant has prompted us to launch a massage for mums-to-be featuring organic oils.
The 1-hour ‘Go Organic’ Pregnancy Massage takes into account all of the physical changes that occur during pregnancy, offering baby-safe massage techniques and incorporating the Australian-made ......Read more>

Embody Embraces Pana Chocolate!

4 October 2012
By embodyhealth

Getting a superfood dose at the same time as indulging the tastebuds has hit new heights with the raw, handmade organic heaven that is dairy-free Pana Chocolate.
The Melbourne-made chocolate is made with antioxidant, vitamin and mineral-packed raw cacao which is kept at low temperatures to retain its goodness and is ......Read more>

Embody Open Sundays!

21 September 2012
By embodyhealth

With the introduction of Sunday trading at retail outlets across Perth, Embody Health is excited to announce that we, too, will be opening on Sundays.
As it can be hard for some people to schedule mid-week downtime, from October 1 you will be able to make your Sunday that bit more ......Read more>

Massage: Preventative Health Weapon?

9 August 2012
By embodyhealth

‘Massage: Preventative Health Weapon?’
by Caroline Oakes, Embody Health director 
While the jury remains out on whether stress increases someone’s susceptibility to disease, science has shown that stress can affect the immune system.
According to the US National Institutes of Health’s ......Read more>

Cupping Arrives at Embody Health

9 August 2012
By embodyhealth
Tags: news

Embody Health is thrilled to now be able to offer our clients access to the ancient healing therapy known as "cupping".
With three of our team - Caroline, Anna and Eleanor - having completed cupping workshops, we're now introducing it to our massage therapy sessions for those ......Read more>

Embody Health May Newsletter

7 August 2012
By DomainAdmin
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We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Embody Health. Whether you have been visiting us for a long or a short time, we're very grateful for your support and look forward to many more opportunities to assist you in staying healthy.
We hope you will ......Read more>

Computer Use

20 December 2010
By domainadmin

Extended periods of time on your computer can cause changes in your posture.  This contributes to common pain patterns including headache, low back pain, wrist or elbow pain (RSI) as well as back and shoulder tension.  Our Massage Therapists can work with you to release areas of tension, helping you ......Read more>


20 December 2010
By domainadmin

One of the most common causes of headache is tension in the muscles of the neck, shoulders and jaw.  Our Massage Therapists can work with you to locate the areas of tension and will use a variety of Remedial Massage techniques to release knots and restrictions, reducing your pain and ......Read more>